State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will today join the Newcastle City Police District to host a pop-up Police Station in Jesmond from 3:30pm.

The pop-up Police Station will provide residents and business owners with an opportunity to meet and speak with local Police about any issues they feel are important to them.

The Police Mobile Command Centre will be set up and officers will be patrolling the streets, chatting with locals and business owners.

“The pop-up Police Station will be very welcomed in Jesmond this afternoon by local residents and business owners.”

“Following my meetings with the Police Minister and the Assistant Police Commissioner, the community is feeling that our calls for better Police resources in the Wallsend electorate are being heard.”

“The pop-up Police Station follows the success of the recent one held in the Wallsend CBD, Fletcher, Shortland and Elermore Vale.  Jesmond has had some recent issues with criminal activity, particularly with shoplifting and unregistered motorbikes riding through local parks and cycleways.”

“While the pop-up Police Station is just a very short term thing, people will see a real presence of Police on the ground.”

“People will be able to report crimes and incidents at the pop-up Police Station, but we still have a major problem with people not reporting crime to Police.

“We need to keep educating the community that reporting crime via the appropriate numbers is how resources are allocated.”

“The pop-up Police Station is a great initiative and it’s great to see more Police resources in the Wallsend electorate,” stated Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery.

Ms Hornery has been working with District Commander, Superintendent Brett Greentree, about increasing the presence of Police in the Wallsend electorate and following the success of a pop-up Police Station held in the Wallsend CBD, Fletcher, Shortland and Elermore Vale recently, Jesmond will now have its own pop-up Police Station.