Lake Macquarie City Council’s 2018-2019 Annual Report reveals a year of growth and prosperity across the City, with more than 90 per cent of Operational Plan targets reached and $109 million spent on capital works.

The document, released today, catalogues $37 million spent restoring assets, almost $30 million on maintenance and $33.3 million secured for the City via external grants.

The 12 months to June 30 also included a record $1.24 billion worth of development approved.

Lake Macquarie Mayor Cr Kay Fraser said the Annual Report demonstrated how Council was tackling the challenge of maintaining and enhancing existing infrastructure, while continuing to provide new infrastructure for the growing population.

“Our aim is to make the most of our beautiful City as a place where families can grow, businesses can thrive and tourists can have unique adventures,” Cr Fraser said.

Milestones of the 2018-2019 financial year included:

  • Completion of Awaba Waste Management Facility’s $30 million upgrade
  • Rehabilitation of a 900m stretch of Ruttleys Road, Wyee
  • Reopening of Belmont Baths
  • Completion and opening of Pasterfield Sports Complex, Cameron Park
  • Upgrade of Redhead Beach kiosk, services and amenities
  • Completion of $4 million in improvements to The Boulevarde, Toronto

Of Council’s $109 million capital works, $38 million – more than one-third of the total – was spent resurfacing and upgrading roads, and traffic/transport improvements.

Almost $20 million was spent upgrading community facilities, with another $11.7 million upgrading beach and swim centre facilities.

By year’s end, Council’s assets were valued at $3 billion.

CEO Morven Cameron said Council continued to focus efforts on providing high quality customer service while achieving financial sustainability.

“We are proactively changing the way we do business to ensure customer service standards are met,” Ms Cameron said.

“We find efficiencies and cost savings, we continue to seek grants and we aim to maximise income generated through our business activities.

“Together, these improvements ensure we are aware of, and responsive to, our community’s needs, and our additional income streams

The 2018-2019 Annual Report is available at