MP Sonia Hornery to meet with police and school prinicipals to discuss youth

Sonia Hornery MP and Superintendent Brett Greentree​

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, will today meet with Newcastle City Police District Commander, Superintendent Brett Greentree, and local high school principals to discuss youth crime statistics in the Wallsend electorate.

Ms Hornery and Superintendent Greentree meet on a regular basis to discuss ongoing issues and activity in the Wallsend electorate.  Following her meeting with Superintendent Greentree today, she will meet with local high school principals to discuss working collaboratively to deal with ongoing youth crime in the area.

“Brett and I have a great working relationship and we meet regularly to discuss issues in the electorate.”

“We have often discussed ways of dealing with youth crime in the area and Brett has looked at ways to work with local youth with different activities in the area.”

“When I met Magistrate Skinner a few months ago, we got chatting about youth crime statistics and how we need to work to reduce them.”

“The Cardiff Community Collaborative Project is a great example of a program that targets youth between 12 to 18 years in Lake Macquarie’s northern area of Cardiff and Glendale.”

“It is made up of community representatives from a range of Government departments and community groups and has had some great success in driving down crime rates,” Stated MP Sonia Hornery.

Earlier this year, Ms Hornery met with Magistrate Nell Skinner of the Broadmeadow Children’s Court and one of the topics discussed was youth crime statistics and how we can assist in trying to reduce them. 

Ms Hornery will meet with school principals to look at ways to replicate collaborative projects to engage local Police and youth in the Wallsend area to help drive down crime rates.