TAFE left broken

State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has called on the Minister for Skills to immediately rectify a number of major issues at local TAFE campuses.

Reports yesterday revealed that at least two Hunter TAFE Campuses have been operating without lifts for months, denying students with a disability the opportunity to attend classes.

It was also revealed that one campus did not have enough paper for staff to print lesson plans and handouts for classes that begin next week and they have been forced to buy their own paper or print the material at home.

Local teachers and students have reached breaking point.  Promises to fix broken equipment have been made since December but they remain in a state of disrepair.

Ms Hornery is calling on the Minister to ensure there is enough funding for TAFE to be able to maintain its facilities and fix their maintenance backlog.

“This Government has bled TAFE dry for the last 8 years.  Massive cuts to TAFE budgets have seen 5,700 teachers lose their jobs, courses have been cut and enrolments have fallen by a staggering 72,105 in the past year alone.”

“Now we see that the local campuses cannot even afford to keep the place going.”

“Government buildings should be leading the way when it comes to disability access, but campuses have been operating without lifts for the last few months.  TAFE NSW simply don’t have the money to fix them. I’m shocked, but not surprised.” Stated Ms Hornery