Fewer injured in crashes as Operation Safe Arrival continues

“Any road, anytime” is the message from NSW police as many residents begin their journey or return home after the Christmas break.

Operation Safe Arrival, the State’s Christmas/New Year road safety operation, started at 12.01am on Friday, December 21, and will continue until 11.59pm on Tuesday, January 1.

Double demerits remain in place over the entire long-weekend for all speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle-helmet offences.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, said the roads are are still busy with holiday traffic going to or from their destination. .

“I know a lot of people will be discussing what is the best road to take home right now. I can provide one bit of advice – regardless of whatever road you are on, we will be there,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

“I am pleased there have been declines in the numbers of people detected speeding and drink-driving.

“At this point in Operation Safe Arrival there has been a decline in the number of people injured in crashes across the state.

“This means there will be fewer people starting the New Year having to face rehabilitation, time off work and the imposition on family life.”

Key statistics (Cumulative total):

Total infringements issued (not speeding): 8825

Speed infringements: 5792

Breath tests: 262,669

Drink-driving charges: 306

Lives lost: 4