In what can only be described as a complete disregard of concerns raised by Lake Macquarie residents, the Labor and Independent Councillors on Lake Macquarie City Council have refused to allow an urgency motion to discuss problems with the Lake Macquarie Waste System.

The Lake Macquarie Liberal Councillors (Cr Kevin Baker, Cr Jason Pauling, and Cr Nick Jones) have received numerous reports of problems with the waste system, particularly heading into the warmer summer months.

Cr Kevin Baker said “The new waste system clearly has issues, and the Labor and Independent alliance are trying to pretend it doesn’t. Residents have bins that are crawling in maggots and flies, overflowing, and stinking – all things that Council promised would not happen. It’s just not good enough.”

“Council supplied green kitchen waste bags are liquefying in the household bin, as well as in the green waste bin, which are leading to infestations of maggots, flies, and putrid smells.  Residents are advising of constantly overflowing regular waste pickups, and putting out green waste bins for collection with less than a handful of bags in them.” Cr Baker added.

Cr Jason Pauling said “We’ve been saying for a long time now that problems would crop up with this system, and our worst fears are now being realised. It was incredible to discover at Mondays Council meeting that the Waste Advisory Committee had not met in over two years, and was subsequently disbanded against our protest. The Labor and Independent alliance are out of touch with residents, and there is no surprise that this has turned into a debacle.”

Cr Nick Jones said “It’s clear that the system is not working in it’s current form. When the supplied green bin bags are rotting out in days, creating terrible odours and attracting flies and maggots, something has gone very wrong.”

Liberal Councillors Cr Kevin Baker and Cr Jason Pauling have called an Extraordinary Meeting of Council to implore Council to reinstate weekly pickups of the general waste in order to give residents a reprieve, particularly over the upcoming hot Christmas summer period.