This charming young fellow is Elliott, who is 7 months old. Now, as for breed …the pound he came from had said Rottweiler x Wolfhound at a guess, but honestly, his breed isn’t as important as his loveable personality.

Elliott’s favourite thing in the world is cuddling and he gives the best cuddles! He is at his happiest curled up on your lap and having a snooze enjoying the love and attention.

This clever boy can sit, will sort of come when called and is trying so hard to learn drop and stay. Elliott can occasionally guard his food so this is something to keep in mind.

Elliott is currently in care with another dog and they have the best time together. He enjoys a good game of tug of war and loves a squeaky toy.

Elliott will need high 6ft fencing and wouldn’t suit someone who works full time without a playmate.

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