Inflatable swimming pools at rental homes

When it’s hot, there can be nothing better than taking a dip in a pool – especially if the pool is in your own backyard. These days, installing a temporary inflatable pool can be an appealing option.

Legally, and for very good reason, there are regulations to be aware of before you ‘dive in’ to an inflatable pool solution.

Swimming pools in a rental home – safety first

While it may seem like a case of the fun police cracking down on summer fun, even small inflatable swimming pools can be a serious risk:

  • Toddlers can drown silently in very shallow water
  • Unsanitised water left for long periods of time can cause illness
  • Electrocution becomes a threat in instances where portable pumps, filters, or other electrical devices are installed nearby or not used properly

Given that drowning is a leading cause of preventable death in children under 5 years old, in 2012 the Swimming Pools Act 1992 was amended to improve child safety around swimming pools in NSW. These regulations extend to temporary, portable and inflatable pools.

Know the law when using an inflatable pool at your rental property

NSW Fair Trading has very clear information on the regulations relating to swimming pools. The following is most relevant to tenants who are renting and wish to inflate a temporary or portable pool. Of special note, inflatable pools 300mm or more in height must adhere to pool fencing laws.

Small inflatable pools

Under 300mm in height

Inflatable pools under 300mm in height should carry the following warning labels:

  • Pool owners, parents and carers need to be aware of the potential for drowning even in shallow water. You should always supervise children when they are using these products.
  • Ensure that the water is kept pure. Water left in inflatable pools for periods of time can become contaminated and cause illness.
  • Empty the pool and store it safely (away from young children) when it is not in use.

Large inflatable pools

300mm or more in height

Inflatable pools 300mm or more in height should carry the following warning labels:

  • The same three warnings as for smaller pools (see above) and
  • Pool fencing laws affect this product. Before you buy this pool you should consult your local council.
  • Important – For large inflatable pools of 300mm or more in height consult your council on fencing requirements, child-resistant barriers and a warning sign display.

A handy pool inspection self-assessment checklist for portable or inflatable pools can be found on the NSW Government Swimming Pool Register site.

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