Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Straddling the line between laptop and tablet

Review: Samsung Tab S4

Let me pose you a question: Who makes the best tablet?

I can guess that most of you wouldn’t have hesitated to say an Apple iPad. But, did you know there was an alternative; a device that straddles the line between a laptop and a tablet. No? Well, there is, and it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Ok, great, you’re saying. But why do I care when I’ve got my iPad. Well, consider this. The Tab S4 is one of, if not, the only Android tablets that you can buy today with true 2-in-1 features that delivers laptop performance in tablet form.

There are three features that set the Tab S4 apart from all other tablets, and they are Samsung’s Dex software, the included, yes included, S Pen stylus and Samsung Flow.

First, let’s take a look at Dex.

Dex allows your Tab S4 to function as a ‘normal’ computer

Dex allows your Tab S4 to run a modified version on Android that looks and feels like a normal laptop. It comes with specialised apps, including Microsoft Office that really allows you to get more productivity out of your device. You can even plug your Tab S4 into an external display, attach a keyboard and mouse and you really are off to the races with a full-fledged desktop experience on your tablet.

Switching to Dex is simple, it takes just one button. Press it and give the device a few seconds to reconfigure itself and you’re set to go. Dex doesn’t only work when you want to perform duties from home. If you’re on the go, you can use the included S Pen and a keyboard case to complete the package.

Arguably, the biggest update to the Tab S4 over its predecessor is the redesigned S Pen. It isn’t the super slim, twig-like thing you get with the Galaxy Note phones, it is a proper, big, thick, real looking pen. It’s designed with a cylindrical body with a button on the side for launching a plethora of different apps and featured.

The S Pen allows effortless notetaking and so much more

The S Pen adds comfort, ease and flexibility to the tablet experience and to Dex, not to mention, it doesn’t require power so you never have to worry about it going flat, unlike some other pencils (Apple).

Another tantalising feature of most recent Samsung devices is Samsung Flow. It’s a nifty application that runs on your Tab S4, your compatible Samsung smartphone and even your Windows 10 computer. It allows you to log into your PC/Tablet using your phone, it allows notification from your phone to appear on your PC and tablet and it also allows you to ‘handover’ content and activities between your different devices.

Summing up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 then. It’s an interesting product with some really great features that will make a lot of people very happy. It will serve you well over the years and the functionality of Dex and the S Pen will only increase over time. It’s a solid buy, starting at $979 from your Harvey Norman store, just off the highway, at Bennetts Green.