State Member for Wallsend, Ms Sonia Hornery MP, has called on the State Government to increase the number of heavy vehicle inspectors at the RMS Heavy Vehicle Inspection Stations at Newcastle, Singleton and Gosford, following a number of complaints about extensive waits to have vehicles inspected.

A number of drivers contacted Ms Hornery’s office after they were unable to secure an inspection of their vehicles before their registration expired.

Ms Hornery said, “Due to the delays, drivers are being forced to have their vehicles inspected privately, at considerable expense to ensure they are able to register their vehicle. The drivers are then still required to have their vehicles inspected by the RMS and are charged another fee.

“The Minister for Roads should ensure there are enough heavy vehicle inspectors employed so heavy vehicle drivers are not being stung by being double charged just to keep their vehicles on the road.”

Ms Hornery has written to the Minister and raised the issue in Parliament today.

“The drivers who have contacted me are rightly upset that they are being stung twice for having their vehicles inspected. They are also faced with having their vehicles off the road for two days, which means no income.

“In an industry that is already seeing drivers forced to take shortcuts, we now have drivers facing the choice of having to pay for two inspections and have their vehicles off the road for two days,  which is just too much.

“Cuts to the RMS budget have seen the number of available inspections fall over the last 12 months.

“Ensuring heavy vehicles are road worthy is a no brainer, we have seen the results of vehicles that are non-compliant.

“The Minister must ensure there are enough inspectors to carry out the heavy vehicle inspections required and I will be raising this in Parliament this week,” said Ms Hornery.