September is time to talk Women’s Health

Lake Road Medical Centre

Hey you! Let’s talk about contraception; urinary incontinence; obesity; sexual health; cervical screening; breast cancer; menopause; mental health; genital health; sexually transmitted diseases…

Are you uncomfortable yet? You really shouldn’t be…

Discussing these and other women’s issues could lead to drastic improvements in your life – it might even save it.

September is Women’s Health Month at Lake Road Medical Centre and we are dedicating the month to improving the health of women in our local community.

The main factors affecting women’s health in our society are:

  1. Being tired all the time
  2. Not having enough time
  3. Not making their own health a priority


  • I’d love to, but I’m flat-out this weekend with kid’s sport, visiting mum and Maddie’s concert…
  • Can you take Sam to Soccer? Training’s been moved to 5pm and I won’t finish work until 6.30……to be honest I just want to go home to bed, but I promised I’d be at tonight’s meeting.
  • I’ll have to cancel my doctor’s appointment. I have too much to do, and it is only for a check-up.


Sound familiar? This September, take a little time for yourself to discuss any women’s issues you are concerned with. It could lead to drastic improvements in your life – it might even save it.

Lake Road Medical Centre has a Women’s Health Nurse available, Kathy, who is qualified and experienced, and will happily take as much time as you need to discuss any topics concerning women’s healthcare.

For more information or to find out how you can make a booking with Kathy and your preferred GP, call Lake Road Medical Centre 4047 5390.

And follow our FaceBook page ( All month we will be posting information on various topics concerning Women’s Health.

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