I always find myself replacing ink cartridges in my printer; I’m sure you’re much the same. That was until I stumbled upon the Epson ET-2650; a printer without cartridges.

The basic principle behind this type of printer is that you pay a bit more for the printer upfront, but pay considerably less for the ink to keep it printing.

The ink tanks of the Epson ET-2650

The ET-2650 is light and compact and should easily fit on the average desktop. It can hold 100 sheets of paper in its tray extending upward from the back. Printed pages come out the front onto a 30-sheet tray that tucks away when not needed.

The ET-2650 will allow you to print from basically every device you have at home. It supports: Android, AirPrint, iPad and iPhone, Chromebook, Fire-OS, Mac and Windows devices.

Being an inkjet-style printer, the ET-2650 isn’t going to print out documents at a rapid pace, but what it does do is a really good job of printing graphics and charts from programs like Excel and Powerpoint.

Refilling the ink tanks is as simple as pouring in the ink.

Something to note with ‘super tank’ printers is that you need to use them regularly to ensure that the internal plumbing doesn’t become clogged with ink.

You will need to consult an expert to see if this style of printer is right for you and your situation. Fortunately in this department, Harvey Norman Computers Bennetts Green are more than happy to help.

The advantage of this type of printer is the refill bottles which cost $18 each and last up to 4000 pages in black and white, and 6500 pages in colour per set (approximately 2 years of printing), according to Epson.

The Epson is not a speed demon, but if you print regularly and are looking for a low cost, long term option the ET-2650 is the printer for you.

The Epson ET-2650 retails for $498 at Harvey Norman.