Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The biggest, baddest new phone

The world’s biggest smartphone seller, Samsung, has just unveiled its latest flagship phone, and it brings some impressive cards to the table. Some expected, some unexpected.

Fortnite anyone?

To all of you gamers out there you’ll be excited to know that with the purchase of the Note 9 you’ll be able to access exclusive Fortnite content. Founder Tim Sweeney revealed at the launch event held in Brooklyn, New York that Note 9 and Tab S4 users would receive, “access to a special skin,” for their in-game avatar. As a ‘cultural phenomenon’ right now, Samsung hopes that striking a deal with the developers of Fortnite will give them an edge in the hyper-premium smartphone segment.

But, “I’m not interested in games!” I hear you shouting, me either. Luckily the Note 9 has a lot of features that the rest of us will enjoy much more. It has the largest battery Samsung has ever installed into a phone, meaning your new, shiny phone should last the day. It also has the most ram of any Samsung phone before and a new cooling system to ensure that it stays cool as ice even while binge-watching TV shows or getting serious work done.

The Note 9 also features a lot of inbuilt storage, I mean a lot! Up to 512GB to tell you the truth.

The 512GB version is a huge windfall as it allows you to store all of your photos and precious memories directly on your phone without being tied to the cloud. This is not only more convenient but is safer, as your data is stored on your phone not somewhere else. It’s encouraging to see a phone manufacturer offering phones with such large capacities.

What’s also encouraging is that, like the S9, Samsung has moved the fingerprint reader below the camera. So now you don’t smudge the lens when trying to unlock your phone; a major gripe I had with the old Note 8 and S8.

All of these features do come at a premium, however. With the Note 9 starting at $1499 for the 128GB from Harvey Norman. That is a steep asking price, but the Note 9 is a lot of phone and will last you for a very, very long time.

To sum up the Note 9, it’s simply the best phone you can currently buy.