Adam Schilli (front) in the studio with his mate Stephen Askew

An eight-year labour of love for a talented mate whose promising music career was tragically cut short has finally became a reality.

Lake Macquarie resident, Stephen Askew and Adam Schilli, from Newcastle, have completed a CD with ten songs written and performed by Newcastle-born Simon Lambert who tragically lost his life in a balcony fall in Sydney in 2009. Simon was due to record his songs in a Sydney studio the following week.

The cover of ‘Still Around’

With support from Mr Lambert’s friends and family, a crowdfunding drive, and digging into their own pockets, Askew and Schilli have made their mate’s first album in his honour. They have painstakingly remastered Lambert’s demos and other recordings. Some of those demos were produced via Skype and Pro Tools while Schilli lived in Perth and Lambert lived in Sydney.

Schilli and Askew have done a lot of work on the album from Schilli’s home music studio with the final touches made at Studio 301 in Sydney.

The 10 songs will be played in a concert, to be held at 48 Watt St (Newcastle) on Saturday, December 22 from 7pm, by Askew and Schilli, assisted by Andrew Carty, Ben Russell and Simon Hill who have all played with Lambert and have helped re-record music for the tracks.

The album has been named ‘Still Around’, a song said Schilli about Simon’s concern for his mum living alone, with her boys living away from home. He wrote it six months before his death and it was one of his favourites.

“We thought it should be the album’s title track because it is about family, and he is still around us, and his music is now still around for others to enjoy,” Schilli said.

Askew, who is also Lambert’s cousin, said they could feel Simon when they were creating the album.

He said Lambert was a prolific songwriter and a perfectionist, who played in many bands, including Bola, Bolzy, Jimmy Nolan, Old Sound Central, Red Drink and Day After Midnight, the band he started just prior to his death. Red Drink, a band Lambert started at school, won the Mattara Rockfest competition and supported the Screaming Jets.

“It has been hard to complete but we hope we have done his talent justice,” Askew said.

“Simon was such a talent, his songs have to be heard,” he said.

“It also helps give us and those close to him some closure.

“We want to thank everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding. They have all received a copy of the CD.”

The tracks are available on major music streaming services including iTunes, Spotify and Google Music.

STILL AROUND TRACKS: Still Around, Believe, Scottish Highlands, I Still Love You, Coming Down, Empty Boxes, Stations, She Don’t Like That, Free Mind and Moving On.