Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Aussie spirit shines brightly

They came from near and they came from far; traffic was log jammed on all the roads in the Speers Point vicinity for hours as thousands of good hearted Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter residents poured into show their love and support for our embattled Australian farmers.

People from all walks of life arrived in cars, small trucks and towing trailers with donations of goods of just about anything you could find on the supermarket shelves, or in the local hardware or produce store.

Local truck driver, Shane Worrall organised the ‘Fill-a-Truck’ day to help out farmers all over the state as they battle the devastating drought.

Shane brought his truck along, but said he had seven more on standby in case the donations exceeded expectations; and early indications are that he may need all of the extra trucks he has been promised. By 12noon one truck had been filled and others were lining up.

Shane told LakeMac Today that the convoy of trucks would be heading out to Coonabarabran next weekend, where they would set up a base, before delivering to drought stricken farmers further west.

It was an emotional day as hundreds of volunteers wrapped up pallets of dog food, stock feed, thousands upon thousands of water bottles and every other conceivable household product.

One beautiful family travelled all the way from the west of Sydney with a ute and trailer, and the man’s wife was on her way with a second load of goods, all neatly packed and itemised in boxes.

On one hand it was a jovial day as people gathered in good spirits to help their mates in trouble, but on the other hand it was a sombre time as they reflected on the desperate recipients of the fundraising effort.

It was a day when good, old fashioned Aussies rallied to help their mates in a crisis, and no-one does it better than we do!