The Robards family; Lincoln, Kylie, Chayce, Kaylah and Corey

The long tradition of surfing continues out Belmont way, with the Robards family taking over the local surf shop from the retiring Geoff Brinkworth, who was the face of Oceanfire Surf Co. for the past 39 years.

Lincoln and Kylie Robards and their three children, Kaylah (12), Corey (10) and Chayce (7), will open their new store ‘Oceanfire Surf’ in two weeks, adjacent to the entrance to Coles in Belmont City Centre.

Because of close family ties with the Brinkworths, the Robards will carry on the same name as the man who owned and operated the surf shop in a few different locations, from the highway to the City Centre, for almost four decades.

By chance, Geoff Brinkworth surfed with and against Lincoln’s father Dallas, back in their heydays, and Lincoln, still a proud surfer, was a pretty hot competitor in his younger years.

In fact, the whole Robards family are surfaholics, with Lincoln and Kylie inaugural members of the Frenchman’s Board Riders which began 10 years back and now has around 80 families involved.

The Robards family live at Swansea Heads, surf around the corner at Frenchman’s Beach and will in around two weeks be operating a store in Belmont City Centre selling surfboards, swimsuits and a wide variety of surfing apparel. The big names in surf such as Billabong, Quiksilver, Rusty and Volcom, just to name a few, will all be available in the new store at Shop 1, City Centre, Belmont.

Kylie says it was only natural that they “have a crack at the longest standing surf shop in Newcastle when offered to them by Geoff Brinkworth.”

“Lincoln was a top surfer. We all love surfing, and all our friends, many of them talented young boardriders, have built relationships around surfing.

“We have seen many youngsters in the past not achieve their goals because of a lack of sponsorship. We aim to make that easier for those who have higher ambitions in surfing,” said Kylie.

In the meantime, the fitout continues and excitement builds towards what the Robards hope will be opening day around August 1.

On a Facebook post, previous owner Geoff Brinkworth, wished the Robards the best of luck:

‘Good to see the circle of life continue. I used to surf with, and competitively against, Lincoln’s late father Dallas. Lincoln’s mother, Tracey, worked in the shop at one stage.

The shop was originally started by myself and my sister Sharon Salaris. Sharon’s husband Tony, besides being a well known surfer in the area, has contributed to all the shop fitouts over its many faces and moves.

Oceanfire has always been about family, friends and surfing. It’s great to see its new circle of life.

Good luck Lincoln and Kylie. Oceanfire has given me a great life and long lasting friendships. I hope it does the same for you.’