Junior is a 9-month-old Kelpie x who is an adorable and energetic boy. He has very long legs, cute floppy ears and a beautiful shiny coat. Junior is living with another Kelpie x who is 4 years old with no problems – they love their morning plays and sleep together outside in the same kennel at night.

Junior is in good health and doesn’t appear to have any problems. He is still a puppy and does get excited, so will jump up on you or visitors, but usually calms down in a few minutes. Junior has not had much experience on the lead and would need some further training to make it more enjoyable. He is pretty much house trained with no recent accidents and is good with teenage children, although he may not be suitable for little ones as he may knock them over in his excitement.

Junior has been untested with pocket pets and cats but this can be arranged. He can sit but is still working on the ‘outside’ command as he loves to be indoors. He is a very affectionate dog who loves to give you kisses and just wants to be with a family that would include him in their lives. Junior will sit with you on the lounge, have a sleep with you and just wants to be near you. He is still a bit timid, doesn’t like getting in trouble and some loud noises scare him (like motorbikes or the hose).

Junior is a very affectionate and loving dog with a beautiful nature and is lots of fun. His ideal home would be with kids maybe a bit older, 10 plus, who will exercise and play with him, or an active young couple who have plenty of love to give.

For more information, or to meet Junior, contact his foster carer Ann-Maree on 0411 700 821 or annmaree64@hotmail.com Junior is in foster care in the Newcastle area, NSW and is available for adoption interstate.

Junior’s adoption fee is $500. He is desexed, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, and lifetime registered.