New boat cruises out of Honeysuckle Foreshore


Coastal sightseeing, whale watching, cruise and event tours, departing from Honeysuckle Foreshore is the latest and greatest Hunter Coast adventure boat experience being floated out this weekend.

CoastXP, the brainchild of 23-year-old ocean enthusiast Dominic May, launches on Saturday, June 23 in the harbour, showcasing the breathtaking coastline of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie aboard a brand new custom-built vessel, aptly named ‘Atmos’.

Dominic May. Pictures by Scott Harrison (Daily Salt Photography)

Tours focus on the marine life which inhabit the coastline, local geology, Aboriginal heritage, as well as unique destination landmarks including wrecks, cliffs, islands, sea caves and ships.

Dominic is the 23-year-old Founder and Managing Director of the new tourism experience. He is also a recent graduate of The University of Newcastle, with degrees in Business and Innovation/Entrepreneurship majoring in Tourism and Management.

He has also developed a deep appreciation in the tourism economy while interning at Tourism Australia. After completing his tertiary studies, Dom wanted to apply his skillset to enhance the local visitor economy, through offering a new experience.

Dom is also an experienced vessel Master, having worked in some of Australia’s best coastal locations including Heron Island, North Stradbroke Island, Coffs Harbour, Lord Howe Island, Port Stephens and Sydney.

The Port of Newcastle is recognised as a world leading port, with more than four thousand vessel movements a year; tours will be able to witness the working Port up close with 360-degree unobstructed views, while often meeting a few of the local dolphins which also call Newcastle home.

Tours are designed to offer an unrivalled personable experience on the water, by providing guests with high-quality digital images of their tour, excellent service as well as weatherproof jackets for comfort and protection from the elements.

Dominic said, “The Hunter Coast is a rapidly changing destination. It was once considered an industrial region, but now is so much more than that; it is a hub of creativity, innovation, art, culture and new enterprise. Newcastle is a lifestyle city, worthy of world class events, attractions and experiences.

“Starting a new business is never going to be easy, although I feel like something is different on the Hunter Coast; the people and businesses here want you to succeed, and they want to help, it’s amazing!

“Our experiences have been specifically designed to cater for families, groups, couples and individuals; the ‘Encounter Tour’ (June – November) is a nature-based CoastXP immersion experience. The tour focuses closely on the annual Humpback Whale (Megaptera Novaeangliae) migration up the east coast of Australia. Adult Humpback Whales grow to 14 to 18 metres in length and can weigh up to 50 tonnes. Witnessing the incredible scenery along the Hunter Coast and interacting with these curious mammals makes for an unforgettable experience,” said Dominic.

With support from Destination Sydney Surrounds North (DSSN), CoastXP was able to secure funding from the NSW Government’s Regional Tourism Fund. The Fund is part of the Government’s record commitment of $43 million over four years and provides investment into the regional visitor economy on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis.

DSSN’s General Manager Glenn Caldwell said, “It was a pleasure to work with Dominic through the funding process. CoastXP’s addition to the Newcastle Tourism portfolio reflects the need for new businesses outlined in the DSSN Destination Management Plan.”

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