Brabham is back, and they have brought one insane piece of machinery with them. Meet the BT62, an all carbon-fibre bodywork, 522kW monster that weighs about the same as a Mazda MX-5.

What’s more, the BT62 is set to be a seriously exclusive vehicle, with plans to only build 70 of them. A production run of 70 was chosen specifically to celebrate 70 years since Aussie racing legend Sir Jack Brabham began tearing up the track here in Australia.

In honor of the great man, the first 35 cars to roll off the assembly line will have a livery that celebrates Brabham’s 35 wins at Grands Prix races around the world.

The first unit manufactured (pictured) features the green and gold colours of the BT19 which Brabham drove when he won the 1966 French Grand Prix.

Brabham’s BT19 at the 1966 French Grand Prix

And while company director David Brabham, Jack’s youngest son, is UK-based, the BT62 will be proudly Aussie-made, with plans for it to be manufactured at a plant north of Adelaide.

As for when you’ll be seeing one of these beasts on the road; it’s not going to happen. The BT62 is purely a track car – so unless you spend a fair bit of time taking your ride to Phillip Island or Mount Panorama, the odds of you running into a BT62 are pretty much non-existent.

And before you think of snapping one of these up for yourself, make sure you have long arms to match your deep pockets as they are selling for $1.8 million a pop.

Deliveries of the BT62 are expected to start later this year. Brabham Automotive has confirmed it has already begun work on two further cars that will follow the BT62 racer into production.