It would be very easy for me to be cynical about Avengers: Infinity War. I could say that it is nothing more than a money grabbing exercise of the industrial machine that is Marvel Studios. Nothing more than a sea of never ending cliffhangers and merchandise sales.

But, I won’t, instead let’s look at this film objectively.

Full disclosure, I’m not fully invested in the Marvel universe and don’t have a comprehensive understanding of each character’s web of interconnected backstories, but I still liked it.

Infinity War brings together all of the hero’s from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and drives them into playful groups. Giving us (the audience) a varied look at their common goal; to stop Thanos from acquiring the full set of ‘Infinity Stones’. Having the full set would allow him the power to end the universe.

The film really shows it’s strong points when it comes to the dramatic stakes each character faces. Without wishing to spoil, it renders the ending genuinely bold.