For over 20 years, Avan has revolutionised the RV industry. Along the way, many thousands of holidaymakers, travellers and adventure seekers have happily experienced new heights in style, comfort and value.

Avan Caravans and Campers continue to set new benchmarks in RV design and innovation. With revolutionary construction techniques and sophisticated designs, delivering a quality range of campers, caravans and motorhomes.

The remarkable popularity of the Avan continues to grow as many more Australians discover the unique appeal of their products.


Golf has a strong tradition of building high-quality, versatile recreational vehicles for the rugged Australian conditions.

The traditional Golf Challenger series continues to be one of the best value campers in the market.


A blend of one of Europe’s largest caravan and recreational vehicle manufacturers and Avan brings you a series of caravans and motorhomes specifically designed and built for the Australian market.