You probably haven’t seen them, nor heard about them, but the volunteers at Belmont 16s Sailability are among our community’s long list of wonderful volunteers; those people who go out once, twice, maybe even three or four times a week in the case of the people at 16s and assist those less fortunate to enjoy themselves on the water.

Chris, the secretary with wife Lyndal

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday these volunteers take the small sailing boats out of the Brian Ellis Boatshed, wheel them down to the water’s edge, assist the disabled participants to climb on board with a trained sailor and head out onto the beautiful Lake Macquarie for about an hour at a time. Then they do it all again, only in reverse.

At the same time there are other people onshore helping out; the lovely ladies in the canteen serving up the coffee and biscuits just to name a few.

The 16s volunteers say they could do with some more help. It can be in the form of sailors or onshore workers. “You don’t have to be experienced, just able to donate a few hours of your time to assist in this fabulous Sailability project,” says Steve the Treasurer and onshore coordinator.