“I hope people can just stop and watch this story. Put the brakes on in their lives and realise how lucky they are. And realise that when hard times strike, that you can still find a way forward.”

This was the emotional reaction from Channel 9 commentator, Peter Overton following his interview ‘Going for Gold’ on last Sunday’s Sixty Minutes program based on the story of Lake Macquarie’s Commonwealth Games athlete, Lauren Parker.

This time last year Lauren Parker was one of Australia’s most promising triathletes. Supremely fit, her life was an exciting blur of international competition and full-time training. Then she was involved in a dreadful, freakish accident that left her paralysed. Sadly, Lauren wasn’t just broken physically and mentally – she could see no hope. But after months of misery something extraordinary happened.

Next week she’ll be going for gold at the Commonwealth Games. Peter Overton reports on 28-year-old Lauren’s inspiring reinvention, and how some mighty help from an unlikely friend got a gifted athlete back on track.