A new aircraft is set to bring back the magic of Concorde.

The experimental XB-1, or ‘Baby Boom’, will be used to collect data to refine the safety and aerodynamics of a much larger aircraft, according to the manufacturer, Boom Supersonic.

‘Baby Boom’

Boom Supersonic claims the ‘Baby Boom’ will be the fastest civil jet in history, and will give them invaluable information about; the forces, temperatures, and aerodynamics at supersonic speeds.

The ‘Baby Boom’ is built from the latest materials, including ultra-durable carbon composites which are extremely strong, very light and can be manufactured efficiently in almost any shape.

‘Baby Boom’ is currently being built in the US state of Colorado with flight testing to be conducted over the Mojave Desert in Southern California. The prototype aircraft will measure 20.7 metres long and 5.2 metres wing tip to wing tip and will be capable of travelling at more than twice the speed of sound.

The passenger version dubbed ‘Airliner’ will be capable of carrying 55 people in an all business class configuration a distance of 8,300 kilometres without a fuel stop.

‘Airliner’ is expected to enter service in the early 2020s according to Boom Supersonic boss Blake Scholl.

Window or aisle? No need to choose aboard ‘Airliner’

School said last year, “Now we have all the pieces we need – technology, suppliers and capital – to go out and make some history and set some speed records.”

Boom Supersonic has attracted some interest from major airlines with Virgin and JAL committing to using ‘Airliner’ in their fleets.