Pelican Marina a sham says Swansea MP

The Member for Swansea, Yasmin Catley has again slammed the Government after the release of the Auditor-General’s Report on Industry 2017, which illustrated the negative effects of inadequate resources, is having on the processing time for Aboriginal Land Claims.

The report has stated that in the past year the number of unprocessed land claims had increased by 3,077 claims, a 10.5% jump.

Ms Catley said the Pelican Marina site is jammed up in these unprocessed claims which the community has been waiting over a year to have heard.

Since the disastrous collapse of the marina almost two years ago Ms Catley has repeatedly called upon the Government and Minister for Lands to expedite this claim and make a decision.

In September 2017, Ms Catley wrote to Minister Paul Toole to express her frustration at the Government’s constant processing delays.

“This land has sat idle for the past twelve months and to the detriment of the community,” said Ms Catley who has called upon the Minister for Lands to take accountability for the Government’s inability to effectively run the Aboriginal Land Claims and to once and for all finalise the Bahtabah’s land claim.

“This report is yet another example of how the Government continues to fail the local community.

“I have repeatedly attempted to engage the minister over the collapse of the Pelican Marina for almost two years and to date he has been nothing less than incompetent, declining meeting requests and forcing me to continually chase him for updates.

“The Minister’s lack of action and inability to provide a consistent response, only further illustrates his ignorance over the matter and disdain for this community,” said Ms catley.