Australian representative, Gabrielle Keaton, retail assistant at Seafolly in Charlestown Square, is among the Top Ten who will compete for the world title of Miss Multiverse 2017 this week in the Dominican Republic (South America) after 30 stunning contestants from around the world competed on stage in the model contest and reality TV show at the weekend.

After two weeks of extreme competition and eliminations, the competition was taken to the next level on Saturday. The top ten was announced on stage and will compete for another week for the ultimate title. The remainder of the contestants have returned to their home countries.

Miss Multiverse is a model contest and reality TV show that is broadcast widely in America and South America. The Australian version of the show launched in Australia in 2017.

In the preliminaries at the world finals, models were tested on all levels. Challenges ranged from IQ tests, public speaking, physical challenges, karaoke, swimming with dolphins, business challenges, surfing challenges, various catwalk and fashion show challenges and much more.

On Saturday, December 9  the winner of the Miss Multiverse 2017 contest will be announced.

Gabrielle has been doing extremely well in most of her challenges and the Australian National Director, Yolandi Franken, believes that this remarkable young woman has a good chance to be in the top 3, or even walk away with the title.

“The competition is extremely tough and being a contestant is not easy. From powering through the various challenges, to dealing with high heels, little sleep, different personalities and cultures and, all the while staying focused on the competition, is not for just anyone.

“The Miss Multiverse brand is looking for models who are not only beautiful, but also educated with high social and emotional maturity, and are fit and healthy, among other things. Gabrielle ticks all these boxes and is a very natural and down to earth lady who everyone loves,” said Yolandi.

Gabrielle wore a stunning gown

Gabrielle’s National Costume was a stand-out piece which lit up the stage and made heads turn. The elegant white dress was decorated with 3D printed Sydney Opera House motives and choral motives from the Great Barrier Reef. The dress was also lit by blue LED lights to represent the ocean surrounding the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef. As part of the costume, a yellow and green arm-piece gave some colour and represented the Australian Flora.

Never before has an Australian National Costume for a modelling contest been designed by an architect and wearable-art artist. Even more remarkable is that this dress was 3D printed.

The dress was stylish and contemporary; a dress built from layers of sculptured design, freehand 3Doodled extrusions, 3D printed componentry, even a little lighting.

The Miss Multiverse Australia national costume has been designed by award-winning artist, Erica Gray and architect Zoran Zivanovic. The pair was approached by the National Director, Yolandi Franken, after working together on a Vivid Sydney project earlier in the year.