Here is your chance to take part in one of Australia’s largest surveys looking at the wellbeing of regional communities.

Carried out by University of Canberra, the Regional Wellbeing Survey helps to support research that improves the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in regional Australia. But to do this, people living in Lake Macquarie need to share their perspectives.

Mayor of Lake Macquarie, Cr Kay Fraser, said the results Council receives from the survey will build on the information we collect in our community satisfaction surveys every two years.

“Our residents who participated in the Regional Wellbeing Survey in 2016, were more satisfied with life as a whole than residents in other parts of NSW and rural Australia, and were particularly satisfied with our community’s economic wellbeing including cost of living, job availability and how well local businesses are doing,” Cr Fraser said.

“Wellbeing is an important measure not just of individual health but of the future capability of a regional community. People with higher levels of wellbeing are more able to realise their own potential and contribute to our community.

“It also helps us benchmark people’s wellbeing levels within our City against other regional communities.”

All responses are anonymous and prizes are on offer. To read more about the 2017 Regional Wellbeing Survey or view previous survey results, visit

Complete the survey online before 21 December 2017. If you would prefer a paper version, call 1800 981 499 or email