Stage 6 of the Toronto Streetscape Plan is now underway incorporating the section of The Boulevarde from the corner of Pemell Street intersection heading west.

The Toronto Streetscape project consists of eight stages. “Stage 6 will be completed in 8 to 10 weeks,” said Danny Paul, Site Supervisor of the works.

Denise’s Boutique, Petronella Fashion, NAB Toronto and Sportspower are the four businesses spanning the Stage 6 area.

Graham Mason, proprietor of Sportspower Toronto, while welcoming the works, said it was unfortunate that this time last year earlier stages of the works were being completed outside his shop. “It certainly knocks trade around,” said Graham. He estimates a loss of 25% in Christmas trade due to last year’s works.

“It takes council way too long to do anything. The Boulevarde is looking better but this has gone on for years now. I just don’t understand why it takes so long to do this?” said Melissa Myers of Coal Point.

“The council call it a master plan but it’s more of a half master plan,” said local resident Les Hillhouse. “They are really publicising it incorrectly; the ‘masterplan’ is all about ‘improving’ one side of the street and there are no plans to reseal the road which is 15 years overdue,” he says. “They also have insufficient parking for motorcycles,” says Les.

“Denise Lines of Petronella, whose business is well established with a loyal clientele, says it won’t affect her bottom line too much and Denise takes a wonderfully positive perspective when she says, “We need Toronto to be beautiful again and that’s why we are gritting our teeth and bearing it.”