Locals are concerned with excessive speeds in Bonnells Bay

The Fishery Point and Marconi Roads in Bonnells Bay continue to be a source of real concern to the residents of Bonnells Bay and its surrounds. More and more people are moving to the area, and so traffic is increasing as are the number of young drivers who are often out ‘hooning’ night and day!

A speed camera was set up in the area back in 2012, but this has done little to deter lawbreakers or combat the excessive speeds they are reaching on the straight stretches of road, causing serious damage, death and devastation in their wake.

Included in the fatalities is a 16-year-old in 2009, a teenage P-Plater also lost their life in May of 2011, and in September of this year, two more lost their lives after striking a power pole.

Roads and Maritime services is reducing the speed limit on Marconi Road from 70km/h to 60km/h by the end of this year after a review into the roads, stating, “The speed limit will be changed. New speed zone signs are expected to be installed by the end of the year.”

The decision has been challenged by MP Greg Piper who said that the change wasn’t warranted, stating, ‘the proposed speed of 60km/h was a residential speed on a rural road.’

Mr Piper was very disappointed with the RMS for not consulting the community as he believes the majority of the community is not in favour of the decrease in speed limit.