Concern as car parking moves into the suburbs

Residents of Charlestown have expressed concern over car parking in the suburb.

Charlestown’s business district has built up considerably over the past 12 years with many dwellings being used as offices.

This is great for the business district and job growth within the suburb.

Unfortunately these dwellings when converted from residential to commercial don’t always come with extra parking.

Therefore we are currently seeing a large number of vehicles being parked in all day areas of Charlestown which are in and around residential dwellings.

This is causing chaos on the streets with limited on-street parking for home owners in the east side of Charlestown, ie the east end of Ridley Street and into Emslie street.

Emslie Street only has one lane traffic due to cars parked on both sides of the street.

Cars parked both sides of the road in Emslie Street, Charlestown.

A local resident of Ridley Street, Charlestown who did not wish to be named, stated, “during the week it is impossible for family and friends to park at my house, it’s making it hard to catch up with them.”

With the closing down of the Charlestown temporary car park down from McDonalds on the Pacific Highway, further pressure will be placed on the all day parking opportunities within Charlestown.

This is a growing issue within the locale and strong planning and community engagement is needed moving forward.


  1. Please do a story on car parking in Warner’s Bay. Council is approving more high rise units without addressing parking. Their plan is for people to walk to do shopping but not practical for elderly

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