LakeMac Today caught up with prominent spiritual and environmental artist Sharon Davson in her studio this morning. Ms Davson and her graphic arts designer are currently producing a flyer to hand to all delegates at the Liberal Party Country Conference at Port Stephens on Saturday, at which the artist will speak on behalf of a vision to reinvigorate the Morisset Hospital.

Ms Davson said she fully supported the concept for an ‘Arts Heart’ in the Morisset Hospital which would be wonderful for the residents, staff and community.  

“Imagine having art being created on site in dis-used or under-utilized buildings. This could bring joy to those who live, work or visit the Morisset Hospital. There are opportunities for this to start very simply and gradually to include many kinds of multi-media, dance, theatre, music, etc., as well as the visual arts with classes, workshops and displays with arts, historical and environmental tours.  

“There are many people who have held this vision for some years, including Michael Riddell, Bronwyn White and Geraldine Moran. I am now lending my voice, time and creativity to support them in having this come to fruition.

“And then also support those people working with the hospital staff and residents so that this would be meaningful to them and assist in managing the flow of events and visitors.  

“The Morisset Hospital grounds on the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie has about a thousand visitors a week coming to see the kangaroos.  An ‘Arts Heart’ in the location could reduce the impact of these visitors with specific locations and education, as well as ensuring proper kangaroo and wildlife food is available to slow the current practises of wildlife being given inappropriate food offerings.”