World renowned Lake Macquarie artist Sharon Davson is leading a campaign for the Morisset Hospital to remain open.

Sharon has a dream to utilise the mainly disused hospital as a cultural/arts hub for the people to enjoy into the future.

In an effort to win over the hearts and minds of the current government, Sharon will speak on her dream project this Saturday, October 28 at the Liberal Party Country Convention at Nelson Bay.

In the small villages of Lake Macquarie are amazing people. World leading spiritual and environmental artist, Sharon Davson, is one such ‘living treasure’ with her studio gallery nestled at the foothills of the Watagan State forest. Davson has resided with studio galleries in the Newcastle – Lake Macquarie region for over two decades.

“I was introduced to the artist by Michael Riddell,” said Geraldine Moran. He described her as a Living Treasure; that is, to him and others, “a person who polishes their God-given talents to excel in their field and who combines that excellence with vision, leadership and effort enriching the community through their enterprise.”

Davson follows her passions to make a positive difference in our world. This has resulted in her art attaining honoured placements in royal, museum art gallery, celebrity, corporate and private collections.  

Since 1984, most of her art has SOLD before being created to collectors in Australia, China, America, New Zealand or Japan.  By the late 1980’s, Davson was an internationally successful and inspirational artist, public speaker and global citizen.

Over the decades, she recycled funds from the sale of her art into founding, and then voluntarily working for, two charitable organisations (1990-1998 ‘Artists For Life’ endangered species awareness) and (2000–2008 ‘48 Hours’ towards world peace), as well as the ongoing initiative ‘Hands Up’ started in 1992 and her ‘World Flag’ project since 2004 – all these being both Australian and international ventures.  She has also creatively supported many other initiatives and charities as well as the Lake Macquarie’s ‘Centre for Hope’.  

Along the way, over 400 leading celebrities donated to and offered support to her projects including endorsement of her World Flag and Patronage of her major retrospective art exhibition tours.  Some of these people included internationally renowned entertainers and world champion sports people including Neil Diamond, John Denver, Paul Newman, James Belushi, Dame Joan Sutherland, Slim Dusty, Sir Nigel Mansell, Carl Haas, Sir Jack Brabham, Cathy Freeman, John Newcombe and Pete Sampras.  

Sir Nigel Mansell – the 1992 World Formula One and 1993 World IndyCar Champion race car driver, on his British television show famously stated of Davson: “A remarkedly gifted artist who can even get drivers to pay attention!”

It is very rare to find art by Davson in commercial galleries. However, two major retrospective exhibitions of her art have toured in public regional art galleries. And a small work from 1989 can be found in the lake Macquarie Regional Art gallery collection.

Prominent among her current projects is Arts Heart at the Morisset Hospital. After several years of enthusiasm for the Morisset Hospital to remain open with a multi-discipline arts hub growing into the older disused or underutilised buildings on the site, Sharon Davson has directed her passion and efforts to seeing this become a reality.

A prominent environmentalist with the track record of making a big difference in the arts – environmental sector, she said;

“It is important for the community, locally and internationally that this wonderful site in the shores of Lake Macquarie remains for all its residents, – the patients, staff and wildlife. The property is the long-time home of all three groups. It also welcomes thousands of tourists each month who come to view kangaroos and other native creatures.  

Imagine there being arts activities to delight and entertain, performances and workshops from all the arts, items to souvenir and cherish, with social enterprise cafes that also see proper food for kangaroos, with historical and environmental education. And, with all the arts created, displayed or performed having a spiritual core. Such an energy could only support the residents in care and their staff.

There are many arts centres, hubs, precincts, across the world. However, only in Morisset, Australia, would there be an Arts Heart dedicated to the creation, display and promotion: of the spiritual arts – arts that uplift the soul and celebrate creation with all in it with its magnificent simplicity/complexity and diversity.”

Help save Morisset Hospital for its residents and staff, and rejuvenate it with fabulous arts enterprise and environmental respect. Contact Sharon Davson who is putting the vision of many into proposals and plans for this Arts Heart in the Morisset Hospital.